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Dana Turjeman

Dana Turjeman, PhD Candidate, University of Michigan

The ability to get feedback, find quick answers to questions, and to collaborate with like-minded people is extremely valuable.

Jialan Wang

Jialan Wang, U Illinios

The consortium is a great place to develop research ideas and discuss and get feedback on findings.

Nathan Digangi

Nathan Digangi, Economic Development Manager, Downtown Reno Partnership

Thanks for creating this community!

Shaun Cutts

Shaun Cutts, CEO, Fact Fiber

The consortium has been extremely helpful.

Song Gao

Song Gao, Assistant Professor of Geographic Information Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

I greatly appreciate the great technical support answers. In addition, the occasional webinar for reporting latest research output is great!

Nick Huntington-Klein

Nick Huntington-Klein, Assistant Professor of Economics, Seattle University

The community has a huge amount of information and assistance available for working with geolocation data. It's been very cool to see all the research and findings coming in, whether they're about COVID or anything else.

Past Expert Seminars

Quantifying the economic impact of disasters on businesses using human mobility data: a Bayesian causal inference approach

Takahiro Yabe

What Do Two Million Credit Lines Say About the FinTech Fragility?

Difang Huang

Modeling COVID-19 in the Context of Optimizing Quarantine Policy Using Mobility Patterns

Leila Hedayatifar, Olha Buchel

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