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How Safegraph Data is Empowering Cities In COVID-19 Response

by Placekey

Join our seminar presenters, Al Hleileh (Delivery Associates), Derek Ouyang (City Systems, Stanford University), and Frank Lagoe (City of Stamford), as they describe how they were able to use SafeGraph for a collaborative local study in Stamford, Connecticut.

From a deep dive into hour visit monitoring, vaccine penetration analysis, and more, they were able to discern actionable insights to improve planning and response in their area.

Responding to COVID-19: Empowering decision-makers with data-driven plans

Delivery Associates has been working with Bloomberg Philanthropy to stop the spread of COVID-19, help underserved populations, and accelerate economic recovery. This means conducting research and proper analysis to understand the issues and factors at play, and then use these findings to inform policy development and municipal planning.

By tracking how vaccinated and unvaccinated people visit different POIs, they can better trace transmission and predict future spread. By understanding the most high-traffic sites, municipalities can better determine sites for administering vaccines. This data can also help forecast economic recovery.

How Placekey enabled research on COVID-19 response

The City of Stamford has adopted the use of mobility data after identifying opportunities to leverage this information to support city operations across a range of departments. While city data provided base information about vaccination distribution information, SafeGraph mobility data allowed them to garner deeper insights into the mobility patterns of individuals to these sites - and how vaccinated and unvaccinated populations behave.

SafeGraph leverages Placekey’s universal identifier for physical locations. To see how you can use Placekey’s point of interest (POI) mapping solution, and discuss other ways of using SafeGraph, join the Placekey community.

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