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Derek Ouyang: Improving City Planning and Infrastructure through Data-Driven Models

by Placekey

Derek Ouyang is Program Manager and Lecturer in Stanford’s Future Bay Initiative at Stanford University. He is also the Executive Director of City Systems, an amazing non-profit consultancy that works on data-driven projects in partnership with cities, counties, and other community-based organizations where they are stationed in Northern California.

Derek Ouyang’s recent research & work

Check out some of the really cool things Derek Ouyang has been working on lately:

Behavior Change Case Study: City Systems & Affordable Housing

2019, Meeting of the Minds

This article summarizes an interview examining how City Systems is using their data-driven approach to study affordable housing in East Palo Alto.

Built for Health: Public Spaces and Urban Design

2018, USGBC Podcast

In this podcast interview, Derek Ouyang dives into his experiences with urban design, and some of the challenges with planning and design.

To check out all his research, find Derek Ouyang on ResearchGate!

What Derek Ouyang has been doing with Placekey & SafeGraph data

Using Placekey location and SafeGraph mobility data, Derek Ouyang and his co-researchers were able to analyze how cities were able to respond to COVID-19 in U.S. cities. Peak hour visit monitoring and vaccine penetration analysis allowed them to understand how COVID impacted mobility through a data-driven lens. They can then use this to inform best practices and city-level decision making for public health and city officials, as well help manage public-private relationships.

By using SafeGraph mobility data — rich with Placekey POI data — they were able to compare movements of vaccinated and unvaccinated people and the locations they visited. This information could be used to help inform the best places to set up vaccination sites and forecast economic recovery.

Read the full recap of the seminar here: How SafeGraph Data is Empowering Cities in COVID-19 Response and Beyond or watch the video below:

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Check out what Derek Ouyang is doing:

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