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Mohsen Bahrami: Using Data-Driven Analytics to Predict Group Behaviors

by Placekey

Mohsen Bahrami is a postdoctoral associate in the Connection Science group at MIT. Bahrami is doing some amazing work in computational social science, using data-driven behavioral analytics to predict individual and group behavior using large-scale datasets (like SafeGraph’s!). 

His current focus is on the effect of human mobility, social interactions, and peer influence on health and economic outcomes, but Bahrami has also dabbled in the realms of social network analysis, data mining and knowledge discovery, and transactional data.

Mohsen Bahrami’s recent research

Check out some of the really cool things Mohsen Bahrami has been working on lately:

Validating Gravity-Based Market Share Models Using Large-Scale Transactional Data

2021, Big Data 2020.0161

Bahrami & team use a novel approach for validating the Huff gravity market share model, using a large-scale transactional dataset that describes customer patronage behavior at a regional level. The article is the first to validate the Huff model with a real dataset!

Economic Outcomes Predicted by Diversity in Cities

2020, EPJ Data Science 9.17

Though many data studies have shed light on the prosperity of cities as a whole, in this research, Bahrami & team make strides across a previously under-researched field by looking at the growth and prosperity of individual neighbourhoods.

A Time-based Model And GIS Framework For Assessing Hazardous Materials Transportation Risk In Urban Areas

2020, Journal of Transport & Health 19

Here, Bahrami & team developed a spatial decision support system (SDSS) for quantitative risk analysis and the calculation of minimum-risk paths as well as their visualization on digital maps, and use Istanbul, Turkey as a case study to prove the effectiveness of the SDSS.

To check out all his research, find Mohsen Bahrami on ResearchGate!

What Mohsen Bahrami has been doing with Placekey & SafeGraph data

In a recent seminar, Mohsen Bahrami highlighted recent work he and his team have been doing using SafeGraph foot traffic data and Placekey location data related to understanding how COVID-19 has impacted mobility patterns.

Using a network analysis perspective, Bahrami and his team demonstrated that neighborhoods were disproportionately affected by COVID-19. Their data showed that there were clear discrepancies in which  Census Block Groups (CBGs) were interacting with various Points of Interest (POIs), and demonstrated that the lower-income neighborhoods were reliant on increased mobility, vehicle higher-income neighborhoods were able to limit interactions with POIs more easily throughout the pandemic.

Read the full recap of the seminar here:

Watch the video below:

If you like what you’ve been reading from Bahrami, then see some of his other upcoming projects currently in development:

1. Making hard decisions: Which stores to close?

Movement after closing stores

This study explores the impact COVID-19 has had on store closures for businesses, and examines how these decisions are made. By combining SafeGraph mobility and Facteus customer spending data, they are able to develop a case study of department stores in New York City.

This study is in its final stages, and will be available soon. For a sneak peak, see the seminar Bahrami led with Placekey from October 22nd, 2020.

2. Limitations and Opportunities of Global and Local Pandemic Closure Policies

Closures during the pandemic were a trade off between the risk of infection and how essential that business is. By comparing infection numbers against the importance of different points of interest (POIs), the attempt to understand the spread of the pandemic to be able to make future predictions.

This research is also in its final stages, and relies heavily on SafeGraph and Placekey data to define weekly capacity for the POIs they studied. 

Want to learn more about Mohsen Bahrami or get in touch?

Check out what Mohsen Bahrami is doing now:

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