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Placekey Announces Relationship with Data Vendors, Including National Property Data Leader First American Data & Analytics

by Placekey

Read more about the announcement in our press release, or its coverage in Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, the GJ Sentinel, MarTech Cube, and more.

Placekey is pleased to announce our partnership with First American Data & Analytics, a leading global provider of property and ownership data and advanced analytic solutions.

Of the announcement, Matt Key, First American Data & Analytics' Director of Sales, says: "By pairing our datasets to Placekey's unique identifier, we are helping solve a large industry problem by making nationwide property data more readily available in an easily-consumable way. It will ultimately help reduce friction, minimize errors and improve the speed of data updates."

Placekey's unique identifier can be used to join First American Data & Analytics datasets with other vendor's datasets to empower businesses to make informed lending and real estate decisions. Most addresses are formatted differently across multiple datasets, which makes it difficult to merge or join. Placekey solves this challenge by creating and sharing a unique identifier for each line of data. The datasets can compare data points, recognize the unique identifier, and seamlessly join attribute data.

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