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Placekey + VanCom: Combining Anonymized Traffic Activity Datasets and POI Data for Advanced Analytics

by Placekey

Placekey is thrilled to announce a new partnership with VanCom, a leader specializing in providing Mobility Values (MOV) data for over 100 cities across the world. This video-capture mobility data can be aggregated, and then delivered via S3 or API for consistent update and easy use. They also have real-time, 50-meter spatial resolution data for even higher data granularity.

Placekey is a universal identifier for physical locations, empowering POI mapping and tracking that integrates easily with other solutions. With this partnership, users have the ability to combine video-capture mobility data with high-quality POI data, allowing you to draw deeper, more meaningful insights from your data.

VanCom’s data is different from many mobility data providers, in that they emphasize  purpose-first data that is transparent, accountable, ethical, equitable, and non-discriminatory. By combining VanCom’s datasets with Placekey’s universal identifier, you’ll be taking your analysis of mobility insight and real-time surveillance of road activities to the next level.

Access it in "Partner Datasets" here.

Learn more about how you can leverage this partnership for your own data by joining the SafeGraph community, and discussing your ideas with others!

You can also access the dataset yourself!

Get ready to unlock new insights on physical places