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The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Business Activity and Employment

André Kurmann
André Kurmann, a Professor of Economics at Drexel University, shares research conducted with his peers...
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Correlating Neighborhood Demographics and Retail Purchasing Patterns Using Free Tools

Sushant Bhardwaj, Jason Ford, Nick Mangiapane

How to Connect Alternative Data Sources to Drive Better Insights

Karissa Paddie, Ryan Chang

Quantifying the economic impact of disasters on businesses using human mobility data: a Bayesian causal inference approach

Takahiro Yabe

What Do Two Million Credit Lines Say About the FinTech Fragility?

Difang Huang

Modeling COVID-19 in the Context of Optimizing Quarantine Policy Using Mobility Patterns

Leila Hedayatifar, Olha Buchel

Investigating the Covid-19 Surge in Rural America

Andrea Fuller and Ryan Fox Squire

Mobility network models of COVID-19 explain inequities and inform reopening

Serina Chang

Social connections with COVID-19-affected areas increase compliance with mobility restrictions

Vesa Pursiainen (University of Hong Kong)

Bankruptcy and the COVID-19 Crisis

Jeyul Yang

Making hard decisions: Which stores to close?

Mohsen Bahrami

Community venue exposure risk estimator for the COVID-19 pandemic

Ziheng Sun

Comparing match rates between Google's Places' API and Placekey's API

Jack Lindsay